Controversial arrests: five SPVQ police officers suspended with pay

Controversial arrests: five SPVQ police officers suspended with pay

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The SPVQ announced on Tuesday afternoon the suspension of five police officers involved in the controversial intervention that took place during the night from Friday to Saturday in the Dagobert sector. Three of them are also involved in another violent arrest that occurred the same evening, also under investigation.

The Quebec City Police Department confirmed the news on Twitter shortly after 3 p.m.

“Following the events of the night of November 26 to 27, 2021 and as part of our evolving investigation, management of the SPVQ wishes to communicate the decision to suspend 5 police officers involved in the events, ”indicates the management.

The five agents are suspended with pay “according to the provisions of the collective agreement” specifies David Pelletier, spokesperson for the SPVQ.

The intervention led to the violent arrest of Pacifique Niyokwizera, a young man 18-year-old black.

Three officers involved in the two cases

Three of the five suspended officers are also involved in another intervention that occurred the same evening and which also reacts. A client of the Portofino restaurant in Sainte-Foy was severely beaten in the face and ribs by officers.

A video of this second intervention was also circulated online and the alleged victim in this case, Jean-Philippe St-Laurent, suffered a broken nose and a concussion.

The management of the SPVQ d '' moreover confirmed that a second internal investigation was opened in connection with this event. Barely a few hours passed between the two interventions, which took place between the evening of Friday and the wee hours of the morning Saturday.

Union reaction

The president of the SPVQ Police Fraternity admitted on Tuesday that the suspension of five police officers was not “a decision that we often face.” Martine Fortier, however, indicated that it was too early to say anything.

“It is not something frequent,” she explains, calling the decision quick.

“To my knowledge, there were not five notices of disciplinary investigation that had been sent in connection with this matter. We will do a rigorous follow-up in the coming days to see what is going on, ”indicates the president of the union.

As for the second internal investigation into the Portofino incident, Ms. Fortier indicates that it This is again the normal procedure. “The piece of the video is an event taken out of context. We will have to wait for the current investigation to understand the reasons for the intervention and find out what really happened, ”she explains, adding that the reaction was the same for both events.

< p> “This is the investigation that will tell us what happened.”

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