Controversial for the first time ALEKSEEV told about the novel with the soloist of “VIA gra”

Скандальный ALEKSEEV впервые рассказал о романе с солисткой "ВИА Гры"

In April in the Ukrainian show-business began to circulate rumors that the singer Nikita Alexeev is Dating a member of the group “VIA Gra” Ulyana Sinickas. The reason for this was video, as the couple hugging on a yacht.

ALEKSEEV and Senecca decided not to comment on this situation. For the first time the singer spoke about it only during the interview for the program “Sravi way”. The corresponding video appeared on the YouTube channel.

During the meeting, Nikita commented on their attitude to the participants of “VIA gra” and tried to evasively answer a question together or not.

“Maybe, maybe not, who knows. Well, if to speak frankly, I am very, very cautious about his personal life, so I’m always so reluctant to talk about it,” explained the performer.

Скандальный ALEKSEEV впервые рассказал о романе с солисткой "ВИА Гры"

Nikita Alexeev and Juliana Senecca met on the project “New star Factory”, where the artists sang a duet song “Feel the soul”. Following the presentation, the fans of the stars began to suspect that a few associates not only work.

Earlier it was reported that the famous Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV was spotted at the Italian resort Ulyana Sinickas of the group “via Gra”. This sends Clutch.

The star of the show “Golos Krainy” Nikita Alexeev is no longer alone: he had an affair with a pretty blonde, in which fans learned the participant via gra Ulyana Snezkou. One of the Russian editions posted to your Instagram video in which a young couple is walking through the canal for water transport. Couple embraces and actively look for something discussing.

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As reported Know. ua, scandalous ALEKSEEV had an affair with the blonde from “via gra”.

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