Controversial interventions by the SPVQ: a “shock wave” to the police

Controversial SPVQ interventions: a 'shock wave' to the police

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The Quebec police chief recognizes that the videos which show officers using force against citizens to the point of injuring some are worrying, at least when taken “in isolation”, when his service is going through a crisis of rare magnitude.

“If it's taken in isolation, on its own, out of context – that's why I opened an investigation, I didn't wait until there was a complaint – it's concerning. We will shed some light on that, “said Denis Turcotte on Thursday, shortly after a controversial fourth police intervention was brought to public attention.

“It can't be routine” to use muscular techniques, he pleaded. On the other hand, in general, “force is used quite regularly when people resist their arrest,” he said.

In post for only seven months, the director of the Police Department of the City of Quebec (SPVQ) conceded that the suspension on Tuesday of five police officers had the effect of a “shock wave” in his organization. “It’s not trivial what happened.”

These were removed to “preserve the integrity of the investigation” and for their safety. They have not yet been met to give their version of the facts, because the SPVQ and the ethics commissioner, who “takes precedence”, must “coordinate” their respective investigations.

” Establish the truth ”

The police chief, whose last press briefing dated back to Sunday, avoided condemning or defending the behavior of the police, saying he wanted first to“ establish the truth, facts ”.

He insisted that the brief video footage doesn't tell the whole story and you have to know what happened before and after to judge.

He didn't want to say if, for a police officer, the fact of sweeping snow with his boot on the face of a black suspect held to the ground by several officers is a behavior which could be acceptable, as what one can see in a video filmed early Saturday near the Dagobert.

“I am not in the acceptable or the unacceptable, I am more in the analysis of what was done and why”, he specified.

During this event, he said, five people were arrested for causing disorder and another for assaulting a peace officer. Among them, “two resisted their arrest. So that's what we saw in the first video footage. “

New images

On the other hand, he declined to comment on footage captured in October and broadcast yesterday, in which a man arrested in the St. Joseph District appears to be thrown to the ground even though he is handcuffed outside. “Do we see what the person is doing before?” he asked, saying he has not seen the video yet.

Denis Turcotte has promised to get “to the bottom of it” with all the necessary rigor. The ongoing investigations will look into possible disciplinary, ethical or even criminal breaches, he explained.

He defended the GRIPP unit, which seems to be involved every time, while opening the door to its reform. This squad has many hats, including bar surveillance, but also the fight against pimping, organized crime and gun violence.

Chief Denis Turcotte takes stock & nbsp; & nbsp;

  • “I reiterate my confidence in my troops, [they] do essential work for our society.” & nbsp;
  • “The GRIPP unit, for a city like Quebec, is a unit that has more than its raison d'être […] The work they do on the sidelines, which you do not see, [… ] ensures that we have some control over crime, which ensures that you and I move around the city freely and safely. “& nbsp;
  • ” Everything depends [on] what happened before, during and after. We will be able to judge after that what happened and whether it was reprehensible or not, but that is the investigation that will demonstrate it. “& Nbsp;
  • “We are doing rigorous, in-depth investigations.” & nbsp; & nbsp;

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