Controversy of the flag: Martine Desjardins takes it to Guy Nantel

Polémique du drapeau: Martine Desjardins s'en prend à Guy Nantel

The director-general of the national Movement of Quebec, Martine Desjardins, said that the controversy of the flag at the spectacle of the national day has gone too far and accuses Guy Nantel has tried to boost his candidacy for the PQ with the controversy.

In the aftermath of the show of National Celebration organized by the MNQ, criticized not for the musical performances but for the near-absence of the fleurdelisé, Ms. Desjardins was recognized on Twitter as an “error”.

In an interview with QUB radio, Thursday, she defended to new and is taken from the candidate to the leadership of the PQ, Guy Nantel, who had severely criticized his organization on the eve. Without the name, Ms. Desjardins has lamented the”political use of the national Holiday by a candidate of the parti québecois”. “I think it’s a shame tapping on the national Holiday to raise the political visibility”, she said.

  • LISTEN to the interview of Martine Desjardins at the microphone of Pierre Nantel, on QUB Radio:

“It may be that there was not enough [of a flag] and that they would have had to add much more on the stage,” she acknowledged. “The criticism is constructive but it has a bit overwhelmed, saying that there was no flag on any national Holiday. It is still necessary to review the show to see that there was, even with the magnificent archives of the beginning of this show,” she also insisted.

Blanchet defends Desjardins

In Quebec city, Thursday, the leader of the Bloc québécois Yves François Blanchet has brought to the defense of Ms. Desjardins.

“I do not think I am not qualified to throw a stone at anyone. I have no doubt about the nationalist fervor of Martine. It is no use to put it back. The message has been passed by the population itself and I am confident that the people who are there are totally of good faith,” he said in an interview with The Journal. “We will just put twice as much in the next year,” he summarized, holding the folder closed.

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