Controversy over a political advertisement from Trump using the Nasa

Polémique sur une publicité politique de Trump utilisant la Nasa

Washington | campaign team for the re-election of president Donald Trump has shot a video showing the launch of SpaceX, and showing astronauts, in apparent violation of regulations of NASA, according to media reports.

The commercial, titled “Make Space, Great Again” and Make it to space size), posted on YouTube, features images of the Apollo program, the program’s Crew Dragon, SpaceX and Nasa astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, according to the website

The video seems to have been removed from YouTube.

Nasa generally authorizes use of images and videos in ads, but not the badges or photos of astronauts.

A petition on the site “in order to prevent Trump politicize the exploits of SpaceX and the Nasa” has gathered about 6,000 signatures.

The wife of Doug Hurley, the former astronaut Karen Nyberg, appear, apparently, on this video with his son.

“I find it troubling that a video image of me and my son to be used in political propaganda without my knowledge or without my consent. This is not good,” said Karen Nyberg on Twitter.

The space Center of Kennedy in Florida on Saturday, in the presence of President Trump, SpaceX became the first private company to launch astronauts into space, a historic success that gives the United States a new means of space transportation, after nine years of interruption.

The United States is given as objective to send a woman to the Moon in 2024 and a human on Mars by 2033.

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