Conversation trump and Zelensky parodied Hollywood actors: “Sounds guilty…”

Разговор Трампа и Зеленского спародировали голливудские актеры: "Звучит виновато..."

Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, NV

today, 20:18

Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, popular British actors played the parody of the conversation between Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, and Donald trump, the President of the United States, in the program The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert, host of the show, invited the actors to play a snippet of conversation, when trump asks Zelensky about the “favor” in exchange for military assistance – he was the cause of an international scandal that has been simmering for several months.

Разговор Трампа и Зеленского спародировали голливудские актеры: "Звучит виновато..."

Vladimir Zelensky and Donald trump, REUTERS

“You try to carry Brakcet to Britain out of the European Union. And we’re trying to do to trump out of the Oval office. We are trying to implement Transit (Traxit=Trump+Exit). You may have heard, Donald trump was allowed to release a transcript of a conversation in which he is engaged in extortion from the Ukrainian President. He says it’s the perfect phone conversation, perfectly innocent. And he wants to read it on the air, and says that if you read it, everyone will see his innocence,” explained presenter and invited the actors to read the piece of conversation.

Leading added after the actors read the phrase, where trump asks for a favor: “Let me tell you about mise-EN-scene. You’re on the phone with the President of Ukraine. His country was attacked by Russia. You have the military help that he needs, but you will not get it until you get reciprocal benefits.”

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“What is the name of the person with whom am I speaking?”, asked Mirren.

“The President Zelensky,” replied Colbert.

“I wish you did us a favor,” continued Mirren.

The actors tried to read the phrase maximum of the innocent by turns, but in the end, Mirren said: “there’s No way to say it that it sounded differently than the guilty. Because this phrase is guilty.”

Earlier, the famous Igor Vernik was urgently hospitalized the whole time the actor was hiding a serious illness.

Also Znayu wrote that wife Kharlamov Asmus could not stand the jeers and burst into tears during an interview: “I would be different…”.

Another Portal Znayu reported that Pickalov of “Kvartal 95” peculiar assessed the fate of the “public Servants” with Zelensky: “Shoot Rada”.

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