Convicted for the murder of six members of his family, including his parents

Condamné pour le meurtre de six membres de sa famille, dont ses parents

A man of 27 years was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison for the murder of six members of his family, including his parents, that he was killed during a shooting, and must be interned in a psychiatric hospital.

Presented as Adrian S., the young man has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder, after having killed with the help of a revolver and semi-automatic 9 mm his father, his mother, his half-brother, his half-sister, her aunt and uncle, according to the verdict of the regional court of Ellwangen, in the south-west of Germany.

Some of his victims were shot with a bullet in the head, and two other members of his family had been seriously injured.

The prosecution and the defence had both called for the placement in a psychiatric establishment of this man, who had a permit to carry a weapon and practiced shooting.

He had admitted the facts at the opening of his trial and expressed his regret. “I just fired at everything that moved,” he said before his judges, according to Der Spiegel.

The shooting had sparked a shock in the country while the young man assured her that her mother had been subjected to ill-treatment and had attempted to poison him with female hormones, assertions for which he has not been able to provide any evidence, according to the expertise.

A psychiatrist has, however, established that he suffered from hallucinations and mental illness.

The shooting had broken out on 24 January in the middle of the day in Rot am See (south-west Germany), a small town near the city of Stuttgart, while the young man’s family was gathered together for the burial of his grandmother.

The shooter himself had called the police to report it, before we expect the officers to the scene of the crime.

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