Convoy of truckers: a mobilization that divides

Convoy of truckers: a mobilization that divides


Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean truckers plan to join the freedom convoy scheduled for this weekend in Ottawa.

Mario Boulay would have him did too if he hadn't chosen to prioritize his work.

It was only recently that the trucker agreed to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

< p> “It was really reluctantly that I did it, admitted the one who claims not to be an anti-vaccine. If I hadn't been put up against the wall and had known before getting vaccinated that this movement was coming, I would have rallied. I'll be honest, finances mean I have to keep working.”

He must also leave the Saguenay in the direction of Florida on Friday for work while demonstrations are being organized in the country.

“Everything is already planned, but if I arrive somewhere and it is blocked, I'm going to park and I'm going to show solidarity,” he argued.

The trucker regrets, however, that people are using this cause to claim something else.

“It started with a noble mention this movement, but I'm starting to fear a little because of the magnitude it takes, says Mr. Boulay. People are starting to see truckers more as a group of saviors who are going to bring down all health measures, but we must not forget that at the base, they stood up to denounce compulsory vaccination at borders and I support them there -inside. At the start of the pandemic, I easily wedged in $80,000. It's hard to recover from that and the government is adding more.”

For its part, the company Transport St-Michel, which has a fleet of about fifty trucks in Saguenay, n not join this protest movement.

“I don't have any driver who promotes it or who has told me they want to take part,” said human resources manager Jean-Pierre Houle.

He even doubts the relevance of doing the same.

The industry is confronted with other problems of higher priority than compulsory vaccination at borders, according to him.

“The rest stops are obsolete, he gave as an example. The guys ride for hours day and night without even having a place to stop. Not to mention that with this pandemic, they can't even have a coffee in the morning because the restaurants are closed.”

He hopes that this mobilization which is dividing the trucking industry will at least truckers to be recognized at their fair value.

Convoy around the Lac

A convoy is being organized on Saturday around Lac-St-Jean to those who support the truckers in their fight, but who cannot make it to Ottawa.

The departure is scheduled for noon from the road to the airport and the Carrefour Jeannois de Roberval.

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