Convoy of truckers: “It's not a movement of anger”, defends a partisan

Truck convoy: “It’s not an angry move,” defends a partisan


The “Freedom Convoy” is gaining momentum across the country, and citizens are joining truckers every day in protesting against their vaccination obligation.  

Mélanie Lampron, forest entrepreneur and municipal councilor in the Hautes-Laurentides is one of those people who will join the convoy.

She will leave from Mont-Laurier for heading to Ottawa on Saturday.

For Ms. Lampron, the government went too far when “Justin Trudeau imposed vaccination to leave Canada.”

In fact, the Prime Minister does not have the power to impose vaccination for leave the country, but two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 are however necessary to take the plane, the train, or the boat from Canada. 

Mélanie Lampron defines herself as being pro -choice, not as a conspirator or an anti-vaccine. She, however, declined to confirm whether she was vaccinated or not. 

Although she fears the impacts this situation could have on the supply chain, Ms Lampron says delays are already present, but the ideology behind the movement is more important. 

“ The management of the crisis has become more political than public health. At some point, people will have to be heard and listened to,” she believes. 

She advocates the fact that the country must learn to live with the virus. 

Not like the Capitol

Mélanie Lampron maintains that the purpose of the convoy is not to storm Ottawa, like the revolt of the American Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

“It's family, it's These are people with children, they are people who have an education. We are not talking about an attack, we are not talking about the Capitol”, defends the entrepreneur. 

“It is not a movement of anger”, she believes. 

For Ms. Lampron, several truckers will defend their livelihood.

She concedes, however, that the primary objective is to drop the vaccination obligation for truckers. 

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