Cooking at the table

Cooking at the table


The big state-of-the-art barbecue is not always necessary for cooking outside. The table models, easy to transport on the terrace, near the swimming pool or in the park, also have their charms.

Preparing and cooking

With its cutting board and its cooking zone (24 cm in diameter) designed so that small pieces of meat or vegetables do not fall into the charcoal, the K├ůSEBERGA charcoal barbecue is appreciated for preparing and cook food. Its slots facilitate the circulation of air in the barbecue, thus increasing the temperature of the grill and reducing the cooking time. Folds easily and takes up little space. > $69.99

Cube Grilled!

The CUBE portable barbecue allows you to enjoy authentic charcoal cooking anywhere, without breaking your head. Featuring a built-in storage tray, prep board, removable charcoal tray, and porcelain enamel fire pit, it's easy to store, set up, cook on, and clean. Its built-in heat shield and chrome handles that always stay cool make it easy to move while cooking. Many colors available. > $299

Stylish and compact

Despite its small size (17″ x 6.5″ x 4.2″), the UNA barbecue is large enough to grill a steak with little charcoal. Just remove its lid to use it as a base, slide two or three small fire starter blocks under the coals, then start cooking as soon as the flames go out. This barbecue offers two grill heights and slots for inserting skewers. It slips easily into a kitchen cabinet when storing and its leather handle makes it easy to transport. Available in several colors. > $178

Around the Tabl'O

Seated around the OFYR Tabl'O barbecue, two to four people cook their favorite foods according to their tastes, whether on the ridged side or the side of the cast iron plancha-grill. Beneath it, a black powder-coated steel tank contains coconut briquettes (little smoke and odors) which raise the temperature. A chimney starter and a key to turn the plate and adjust the ventilation are included. &gt ; $670