Cooks at the talent, “savage” sought

Cuisiniers au talent «sauvage» recherchés

Forget the cooking contest stilted: a new cooking competition to taste “wild” will soon be on television.

Quebecor Content is currently looking for participants for a program dedicated to the gastronomy and to the nature and survival, produced in collaboration with Toast Studio, and the title of which remains to come.

The dates of shooting are not yet known, the diffuser either, but it is already announced that the candidates for this new project will live “a crazy adventure and intense”, which followed the unexpected.

Deposited by helicopter in a camp, “the smoking of Quebec”, the heart of the forest in quebec, where they will be isolated from the rest of the world, our brave cooks will go through two weeks of hectic and will need to compete of audacity, creativity and instinct to impress a jury of leaders “who has seen other”, difficult to impress. Their resourcefulness and talent will be able to claim a grand prize of$10,000.

The nature in which they exercise their know-how will be beautiful, but the challenges that await them, and who will value the products here, will be colossal.

The production is seeking the competition with culinary skills or a valuable experience in catering, and be willing to live on such a journey, out of the ordinary. Aspiring, inventive, ingenious and inspiring, will have to be ready to overcome challenges and push their limits.

It has until August 14 to enroll in the All the relevant information, are listed at this address.

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