Copa Chenel: the vote will be decisive for a Parejo on waivers

Copa Chenel: the vote will be decisive for a Parejo on waivers

Copa Chenel: the vote will be decisive for a Parejo on waivers

Christian Parejo, ce samedi avant le paseo à Algete, a le regard rivé vers les demi-finales de la Copa Chenel. Midi Libre – Pierre Goudou

The bullfighter from Béziers was very unlucky in the sorteo for the second round of the famous Madrid Region competition. With two ovations after two ear petitions, he will be in a tie with Alejandro Mora to qualify for the semi-final.
He hopes that the support of the Béterroise and French aficion will help him to decide between himself.

Thomas Joubert and Christian Parejo are qualified for the second round of the Copa Chenel, a prestigious competition organized by the Region of Madrid which has allowed the emergence of three bullfighters who have emerged through the main gate of Madrid over the last 18 months (Francisco de Manuel, Fernando Adrian and Borja Domecq). This shows the importance of this competition for young bullfighters who have the ambition to reach the summits of climbing.

Nine bullfighters are still in the running and will be decided during three bullfights where two maestros will qualify, each time, for the semi-finals. Then, three matadors will advance to the final and a final mano a mano will determine the winner who will perform in Las Ventas on October 12 in a prestigious cartel.

Unlucky Parejo at Sorto

This Saturday, in Algete, Christian Parejo was scheduled for the first lift where three toros were marked with the iron of Los Eulogios, two of Monte La Ermita and one of Montealto.

Christian Perez won the best prize and his second opponent was awarded a posthumous vuelta. With three ears, he seems to have assured his qualification which will be decided on five criteria. Alejandro Mora also inherited a prize of quality which allowed him to express his personality and his artistic qualities but his failures with the sword reduced his rewards to one vuelta.

Christian Parejo, the adopted Biterrois, was less lucky by hitting a bad lot and his last opponent did not have a pass and proved dangerous. Although he showed courage and commitment at all times, he never had the opportunity to showcase his toreo. Facing the last toro, he wanted to snatch the triumph and came close to being blown by the horn several times. The two ear petitions to salute his ambition were not supported enough for the presidency to take out the handkerchiefs.

Thomas Cerqueira proud of his bullfighter

His apoderado, Thomas Cerqueira, had mixed feelings a few minutes after the bullfight. « I am both very disappointed that Christian had no opportunity to express his toreo and his artistic qualities. But also very proud because he showed determination at all times. It was a bullfight where you had to risk your life and risk injury. This is the path to take to become an important bullfighter. He showed all his artistic dimension in the first round and, this evening, he was in another register. With the determination and ambition to earn his place.

Thomas Cerqueira now hopes that the Biterrois and French aficion will mobilize around their bullfighter. « The one who receives the most votes from the public will win an additional point which will be decisive for reaching the semi-finals. All of Extremadura will mobilize behind Alejandro Mora. I hope that our aficion will do the same with Christian Parejo who comes from the bullfighting school of Béziers and who has triumphed everywhere in the South-East and South-West since the novilladas without picador & ;raquo;.

The mobilization of decisive aficion

Indeed, qualification is often decided by a tenth of a point and that of the voters will probably be decisive. Of the five criteria, the two bullfighters will compete on four since neither has cut an ear. On the quality of the swords, Christian Parejo seems to be ahead while Mora will have the advantage on artistic expression. The last place in the semi-final will therefore be decided on the sense of lidia and the general attitude.

And the audience's point!

For aficionados who want to vote for Christian Parejo before closing Monday noon, they can do so through this link:

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