Corgis that hate life: 9 funny pics

These Pets are unable to vividly Express hosts their disapproval

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 08:54

Dog breed Corgi loved and love many influential and famous people – from actor Dirk bogarde and writer Stephen king to Queen Elizabeth II, which is such a pet was already 30. These cute little dog quickly win the hearts of their owners. They are very active and also smart, confident and resourceful. But sometimes in vivid form the owners to Express their disapproval.

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In Facebook there is a group called Disapproving Corgis (Disapproving Corgi), which was signed by 600 thousand users of a Network. The administrators of this page to post “dirty” pictures of the Royal puppies and actively condemn their behavior.

Edition BoredPanda made a selection of the most funny pictures lately.

Dog named Gus does not approve of his mug of hotelkette: Caitlin Ross / Facebook”, I stopped to stroke it just for 0.004 seconds,” writes the hostess of this peekapoo: Lizzy Boudah / Facebook50% approval rating of colifata: Alice L Chu / FacebookПес Severus does not like the rainy pogolotti: Giulia Siravegna / FacebookШелдон not like gulette: Amy Schaar / FacebookВ the Museum of modern art in new York. Corgi condemns posetitelyami: Shandra McDowell Flowers / FacebookДжейк does not approve of long trips on machinetta: Aricka Potts / FacebookХолли not approve your cosidetto: Xantus Johann / FacebookБелла does not approve of an alarm clock in 5 hours of tratto: Becky Bartlett-Sommers / Facebook1/9

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Recall that funny video with a dancing twerk dog “blew up” the Network. We have also published a video which shows an unusual dog with the face of a killer. In two days the video has received 300 thousand views.

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Корги, которые ненавидят жизнь: 9 забавных фото

Корги, которые ненавидят жизнь: 9 забавных фото

Корги, которые ненавидят жизнь: 9 забавных фото

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