Corn and Panda: ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber has released a music video for the song I Don’t Care

In the new work, the musicians had fun and fooled around

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Кукуруза и панда: Эд Ширан и Джастин Бибер выпустили  клип на песню I Don’t Care

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber in new music video

Fans of Justin Bieber and ed Sheeran were looking forward to the premiere of their new collaboration – and for good reason. The song is light, upbeat and catchy. And if the artists first released a single, now have a full video for the song I Don’t Care.

Like Justin Bieber before suffered from Selena Gomez:

The musicians were fooling around, and that is creatively. Bieber in the clip easily run away from a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a suit of cone with ice cream. The video also contains: banana, jet ski, Panda on the pool party, Panda in space, corn on the cob, dancing in a cornfield, centaurs, Pegasi and not only.

The movie immediately became a hit to the network – it had been viewed over 33 million times.

Recall, Justin Bieber was sued in the incident, which happened in 2017. Then the musician touched the photographer, leaving by car from Church. But British singer ed Sheeran for the second time sued for plagiarism of the song Thinking Out Loud. The artist was accused that his song debited from songs Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On. But the court in Sheeran filed by Structured Asset Sales, which owns the rights to the song Gaye.

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