Corneille's career in five souvenir photos

Corneille's career in five souvenir photos


Instant fame

Year 2004, 27 year-old Corneille enjoyed phenomenal success with his first album Because we come from far away (Seul in the world) on which he shared in songs the terrible experience of his youth, when during the genocide in Rwanda, his family had been murdered before his eyes. The singer had been living in Montreal for seven years. 

Three times awarded

At the 2004 ADISQ gala, with Marie-Élaine Thibert, Star Académie finalist. Both won the Félix for performer of the year. Corneille left that evening with two other statuettes, those for the best music video for Because we come from far away and that of the Quebec artist who has been most famous outside Quebec. 

From Montreal to Paris

2004. The quarry was going 100 miles an hour. Corneille's popularity had already crossed our borders and France was already crying out for him. The singer had also obtained his precious Canadian citizenship. Always dressed to the nines, he had been elected, that year in Quebec, Man of the Year. 

Galant homme

Unforgettable funny moment, at the 2005 ADISQ gala. Isabelle Boulay won the Félix for the most successful artist outside Quebec, a prize that Corneille had won the previous year. Going up on stage, she smeared her nose with the black foundation of the singer whom she kissed. To save honour, the gentleman had gone on stage to gently wipe Isabelle's face. 

Strong Union

Mont-Tremblant, September 2006. Corneille marries the woman of his life, the singer-songwriter Sofia de Medeiros whom he had proposed barely five months after their meeting. They have 17 years of love this year and they have two beautiful children, Merik, 11, and Mila, 6. Together they write the songs of the singer, including those of Encre rose.

  • Corneille is one of the new coaches of La Voix, surrounded by Marjo, Mario Pelchat, veteran coach Marc Dupré, and host Charles Lafortune. He intends to suggest to the participants to remain honest, while enjoying the present moment. The Voice is presented on Sundays at 7 p.m. on TVA.
  • The singer-songwriter launched his ninth career studio album in 2022 Encre Rose, a luminous opus of soul and R&B, which pays homage to the music that rocked his childhood.
  • A show by Corneille featuring 10 songs from Encre rose, with musicians , singers and dancers, is available on
  • You can listen on the web Corneille Remixe, a series of musical experiences with local artists and his podcast Amour Suprême, discussions with several personalities.
  • Corneille plans to make a tour of shows in Quebec. To follow him: