Coronavirus: 22 new cases in Beijing, millions of people tested

Coronavirus: 22 nouveaux cas à Pékin, des millions de personnes testées

Beijing | Beijing reported Sunday that 22 new cases of Covid-19, while the authorities are in the process of testing more than two million people, to contain a new outbreak of contamination in the capital.

The Pekingese had resumed an almost normal life after two months without contamination. But a rebound of the epidemic since last week has resulted in the containment of neighbourhoods and the screening of tens of thousands of people.

The wholesale market Xinfadi, the main place of supply of fruits and vegetables to Beijing, is believed to be the source of new infection. The virus has been discovered on cutting boards used for the imported salmon.

Among the new confirmed cases on Sunday, a nurse who is the first worker of the health sector to be tested positive since the rebound of the epidemic.

More than 220 cases have been linked to the new home of contamination.

The local authorities have opened in the capital 2000 sites to test the population, according to the news agency new China that states that a total of 2.3 million samples have already been collected.

It was recommended Friday to the inhabitants of throw the frozen seafood purchased on the market, Xinfadi, which has been closed.

The authorities have also announced Friday a nationwide campaign to inspect the imported food products.

Employees of restaurants, supermarkets, markets and the delivery of food are also being tested.

On Friday, a senior official of the chinese Center for control and prevention of diseases stated to journalists that the new focus of contamination was under control, but that Beijing would continue to record new cases.

In total, China has recorded 26 new cases on Sunday, including three in the province of Hebei, which borders the capital. One of the controlled persons positive had worked in the market of Xinfadi. The authorities have also reported an imported case.

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