Coronavirus: a Russian city in the Arctic quarantine

Coronavirus: une ville russe de l’Arctique mise en quarantaine

Moscow | A city of 180 000 inhabitants of the Russian Arctic has been placed in quarantine Friday for an indefinite period due to the worsening of the outbreak of coronavirus, announced the local authorities.

Since Friday midnight, the inputs and outputs of Severodvinsk are strictly controlled and allowed only for medical reason, for official travel or for workers with a pass.

The authorities have also recommended to the local major companies to stop organizing the transportation of their workers living outside the city.

Severodvinsk, in the Arkhangelsk region (north-west), is an important centre of military-industrial. Several shipyards are located, which employ a large part of the population, and most Russian submarines are built.

The city administration has published on its website the decree of application of these measures, signed by the acting governor of the region, Alexander Tsyboulski.

“These measures are necessary, and I count on your understanding”, said Thursday in a video message published on social networks the head of the municipality, Igor Skoubenko.

“This has not been an easy decision to make, but it is necessary. It is necessary to stick to it for a week or ten days so that the infection rate does not rise more”, for its part, said Alexander Tsyboulski to a local television.

The total number of contaminated in the city stood Wednesday at 1195, and according to the regional health care agency, 57 new cases were registered Thursday, including 30 relating to employees of the shipyards.

For the whole region of Arkhangelsk, 2712 cases of coronavirus have been registered Thursday, according to the local branch of the health care agency Russian.

On Thursday, Russian president Vladimir Putin had already announced the deployment of the army to help fight the coronavirus in the territory of Transbaikalia, the Far East, where the number of new cases daily is on the increase. In this enormous region populated by barely a million inhabitants, 1321 cases of coronavirus have been registered.

On the whole of Russia, 8726 new cases were reported Friday, bringing the total number of infected by the coronavirus 449 834, for 5528 deaths.

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