Coronavirus: american hospitals overloaded, the Louvre reopens its doors

Coronavirus: des hôpitaux américains surchargés, le Louvre rouvre ses portes

Hospitals at the edge of saturation, and elected officials who are sounding the alarm: the outbreak of the case of coronavirus continues without truce to the United States, Mexico, India, Chile, while in France, the iconic Louvre museum will reopen its doors.

The American, who celebrated this weekend its national day, recorded for more than a week of numbers of infections record, although the president, Donald Trump continues to minimize the crisis, of which he was assured that it was “on the verge” of being completed.

The country has recorded nearly 40,000 cases and 234 deaths in the past 24 hours, according to the latest report published Sunday by the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

Not hiding his exasperation, the mayor, a democrat from the city of texas Austin, Steve Adler, had previously described the tone of the president’s “dangerous” for the inhabitants of his city, including the intensive care units are likely to be overwhelmed ” by ten days “.

“If we don infléchissons not the path, our hospitals could be overloaded in two weeks,” he said on CNN.

The mayor of the city of Phoenix, Kate Gallego, has abounded in its meaning: “We have re-opened much too early in Arizona “, she lamented, calling for a reconfinement of the population.

Nick Cordero, a famous Broadway actor 41-year-old died Sunday after battling the illness for 95 days, has announced his wife.

11 million infected

The pandemic of the new coronavirus that has killed at least 531 789 deaths in the world since the WHO office in China has reported the appearance of the disease at the end of December, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources Sunday.

More than 11 million cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories since the beginning of the epidemic, of which a little more than half are now considered as cured.

The trend is also worrying in several countries in Latin America. Chile announced on Sunday that it had crossed the threshold of 10 000 dead, and the British one of the 4000 dead. In Peru, the number of people infected exceeds 300 000, of which more than 3600 new cases in the past 24 hours.

The minister of bolivia to the Health Eidy Roca has been hospitalized for complications due to the COVID-19 “. As in Mexico, it became Saturday, the 5th most country in mourning, with 30 366 deaths.

In India, the Taj Mahal, which is the main tourist attraction of the country, will remain closed, announced Sunday the authorities who are facing a record number of cases : the ministry of Health reported an estimated 25,000 new cases and 613 deaths in 24 hours.

In Iran, the authorities announced Sunday 163 deaths, bringing to 11 571 dead on the balance sheet of the pandemic in this country, the hardest hit in the Near and Middle East.

Australia will isolate the State of Victoria of the rest of the country after an outbreak of infections in the city of Melbourne, particularly in more heavily populated buildings.

Two months after his déconfinement, Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar, will be again placed in confinement on Monday.

The mona lisa without crowds

The situation is less tense in Europe, where the first Grand Prix of the season 2020 Formula 1 has been able to take place on Sunday closed on the circuit of Spielberg (Austria), with more than three months late. It was won by the Finnish Mercedes Valtteri Bottas.

In France, the Louvre Museum, the largest and busiest in the world, will reopen Monday, around 70% of its space to visitors, who will have to go there with a mask.

In front of the mona lisa, in front of which tourists from around the world flock to take ” selfies “, markings on the ground have been glued to avoid the rush. The crisis of the coronavirus has already caused “more than 40 million euros of losses,” at the Louvre, said its president-director Jean-Luc Martinez.

Still in Paris, a fashion week will open Monday, and virtually no shows for the first time in its history.

In England, the re-opening of pubs has resulted in overflows, festive, and very alcoholic in the night from Saturday to Sunday, raising fears of new infections in a country already hard hit. John Apter, chairman of the Federation police told that he spent his evening-to-manage ” naked men, happy drunks, of drunks, angry, battles, and even more drunks in anger.” The other british provinces have preferred to adopt a schedule of déconfinement more careful.

In continental Europe, in full déconfinement, also expressed its concern about resurgence of the epidemic, which has already prompted the authorities of several countries to put in place new local restrictions.

After a region of 200 000 people on Saturday in Catalonia, 70 000 people have been subjected Sunday to isolation measures in Galicia, in the north-west of Spain, two weeks after the lifting of the severe confinement imposed on this country.

Ukraine is facing a sharp rise in the number of infections with the coronavirus. The region of Lviv, bordering Poland, is the most affected in the country.

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