Coronavirus and OJ dominate the election of the governor of Tokyo

Coronavirus et JO dominent l’élection du gouverneur de Tokyo

The citizens of Tokyo will elect Sunday their governor, a vote dominated by the question of the one-year deferral of the olympic summer Games and an increase in the cases of coronavirus in this city among the most populated areas of the world.

The governor outbound Yuriko Koike, 67-year-old female right-wing political experienced and skilled communicator, who defied the conservative prime minister, Shinzo Abe creating a party in 2017 when the last national polls, is well ahead of 21 competitors in the polls.

Elected handily in 2016, the first woman at the head of the huge capital, she is back on the front of the national stage in recent months over his handling of the crisis of the coronavirus, informing tirelessly of the situation of its 14 million citizens, including in English, an initiative that is rare in Japan.

She had also taken the lead at the end of march, even before the declaration of a state of emergency by prime minister Abe in April to encourage Tokyoïtes to the practice of telework, wherever it was possible, in a country where there is a deeply rooted a culture of long hours at the office.

The election is taking place in a context of resurgence of infections with more than 100 cases of COVID-19 recorded daily in Tokyo these last few days, many of which emanate from the clubs and hosts and hostesses.

The og in question

In an interview in mid-June the AFP, Ms. Koike was told to “prepare for a second wave” of infections while promising to “mobilize to 120%” to organize ” Games in an environment that is safe and serene.”

Its main competitors among the record number of candidates are Kenji Utsunomiya, a lawyer, aged 73 years, supported by the democratic Party and constitutional by two other opposition parties, and Taro Yamamoto, 45, a former actor and founder of the opposition party Reiwa Shinsengumi.

Mr. Utsunomiya has promised to strengthen the medical system of the capital saturated by the pandemic.

Mr. Yamamoto, agrees to cancel the olympics if he is elected, a promise that responds to a reluctance growing of the Japanese vis-à-vis the olympics, whose opening is now scheduled for 23 July 2021 following a report history due to the epidemic.

A little more than half of the residents of Tokyo feel that the Games should be again deferred, or cancelled, according to the results of a survey distributed at the end of June.

“This event is used for the money (…) If the coronavirus is a concern, then we should decide not to organise it “, said the exit of a polling Hayato Kinoshita, 37 years old, owner of a real estate agency.

For the sexagenarian Kazuhiro Mawatari, university professor, what are the ” measures to cope with natural disasters that count the most in this region.” He said, “not to be able to make high confidence” to ” a candidate who is not paying enough attention to cause the coronavirus and the olympic Games “.

“Just a cold “

Among the candidates senior in colours, on account Masayuki Hiratsuka, a youtubeur 38-year-old ensured that the new coronavirus is only “a cold” and that people “have to make a new style of life” focused on social distancing.

Takashi Tachibana, 52 years old, has vowed to “destroy” the public tv channel NHK, whom he accuses of making people pay whether they want it or not watch it. It is always cited as one of the top five candidates by the japanese media.

Ms. Koike, who had joined in 2002 by the liberal democratic Party (LDP) almost uninterrupted since 1955, has conducted an independent campaign in line with the support of the leaders of the LDP. This training was not sustained in 2016, based on a male candidate.

The results of polls conducted at the exit of polling stations should be published shortly after the close of business on 20 h.

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