Coronavirus : hundreds of american children infected in the colony of vacation

Hundreds of children have contracted the coronavirus in summer camp last month in the u.s. State of Georgia, have announced that the health authorities Friday, a new evidence that children are both likely to catch the Covid-19, and to pass it on.

The virus has infected at least 260 of 597 participants in this summer camp, according to the Centres for the prevention and control of diseases (CDC), for which the real figure is probably even higher since the results were available for only 58 % of the group.

The camp in question has ignored the recommendations of the CDC, according to which all participants should wear gauze masks in public, and has asked his staff to put.

He had, however, obeyed a decree of the State of Georgia, requiring all participants to submit a negative test at Covid-19, performed at a maximum of 12 days prior to their arrival.

Among the other precautionary measures included the distancing of physical, disinfecting common surfaces, and keeping children within the same small groups.

The participants ” took part in various activities inside and outside “, including the song, the report says. They have slept in cabins housing up to 26 people.

On 23 June, a teenager, a member of the staff, left the camp after feeling chills the day before. He was then tested positive for the coronavirus.

The camp began to return the participants to their homes on the 24th of June, and closed the scene on the 27th.

An investigation launched on June 25, found that 260 of 344 individuals for whom results were available were tested positive.

Among them, 74% had mild symptoms such as a fever, headache and a sore throat. The other had no symptoms.

These data add to the growing evidence ” demonstrating that children of all ages are likely to be infected with the Sars-CoV-2, and, in contrast to the first information, could play an important role in the transmission, according to the authors of the report of the CDC.

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