Coronavirus in Brazil : a judge requires Bolsonaro to wear the mask

Coronavirus au Brésil : un juge oblige Bolsonaro à porter le masque

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro has been forced by a court decision to wear a protective mask in all public places “, it was very random, in full pandemic of sars coronavirus.

In a judgment delivered on Monday evening, judge Renato Borelli decided that a fine of 2000 réais (about$ 500) would be imposed on the head of the State if it were to appear again in public without the mask demanded by a decree in force in the federal District of Brasilia.

The president ” has the obligation to respect the laws in force, as well as to ensure the well-being of the population and, therefore, to adopt sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus “, argued the judge.

This decision also applies to all employees of the head of State, while the port of the mask is theoretically required for weeks in most regions of Brazil.

This judgment was rendered following a motion filed by a lawyer that denounces the “irresponsible behaviour of the president” in the face of coronavirus, that he has minimized and qualified as a ” small flu “.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Jair Bolsonaro has caused many protests by going out to meet his fans for the bathroom crowd, particularly at events in his favor, most of the time, without wearing a mask.

It is made more discreet these last few weeks, but the mask was far from systematic in his public appearances.

Last week, the ex-minister of Education Abraham Weintraub was fined for going to the meeting of militant pro-Bolsonaro without a protective mask in Brasilia.

The president of the far-right has not ceased to challenge the containment measures taken by the governors of the States, in the name of preserving employment, while Brazil has more than one million people infected and more than 51 000 people died due to the coronavirus.

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