Coronavirus: in difficulty, Trump is attempting to retake control of the

Coronavirus: en difficulté, Trump tente de reprendre la main

Struggling in the polls to almost one hundred days of the presidential election, criticized for his handling of the coronavirus, Donald Trump’s attempt Tuesday to retake control of the revival of the regular press conferences on the health crisis.

“Tremendous progress is being made on vaccines and therapies!!! “, has tweeted the president of the United States in the early morning, to set the tone, resolutely optimistic of its planned response to 17H00 (21H00 GMT).

“You’re not going to hear it from the media bogus about the virus chinese, but compared to most other countries, who suffer tremendously, we’re doing very well — and we did things that few other countries would have been able to do! “, he added.

Comments like these earned him accusations of denial of reality.

Because after a improvement towards the end of the spring, the epidemic has flared up in the country, already the most grief-stricken in the world with 140 900 dead. The number of cases explodes — more than 60,000 per day for a week, for a total of 3.83 million since the beginning of the pandemic — and the daily deaths are also rising again — over 700 per day average.

The situation is particularly worrisome in Southern States, such as California, Florida or Texas.

Resume the press conferences on the virus, as the billionaire republican held almost daily at the height of the pandemic at the beginning of the spring, is, however, to admit that the situation is serious.

“Radical left”

And it is a change of strategy: up here, he had tried at all costs to turn the page of the Covid-19, in a hurry to revive the economy as well as its campaign for the presidential election of November 3.

But after a meeting missed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June, in front of an audience sparse, the progression of the epidemic, it was not possible to continue with the large public meetings he likes.

During this time, her democratic opponent Joe Biden, who never moves yet as carefully on the ground, is considered more competent to cope with the multiple crises that pass through the United States. It widens the gap in the polls: if the election were held today, he would win hands down, according to voting intentions.

The change in the White House was accompanied by an inflection of the discourse on the question of the iconic and highly sensitive of wearing a mask.

After having long refused to do so, Donald Trump appeared in public with this protection for the first time on 11 July and has even defended it Monday as a “patriotic” photo of him hidden in the support on his Twitter account — without going so far as to claim the mask-wearing in the country as a whole.

But the president-candidate should also take advantage of the projectors of the “briefing” regularly to address the other themes of the campaign, failing to be able to harangue the crowds in the various cities of the country.

It was mid-July during a press conference supposed to be devoted to China, it has quickly turned into a violent diatribe against Joe Biden, accused of ” drift to the radical left “.

A theme that was taken up Tuesday morning on Twitter.

Greeting of “good numbers” on the financial markets, it has launched: “You want to see diving? Vote for the radical left, with their big tax increases! “

It also has a new time estimate without supporting evidence that postal voting, as many States want to encourage in the face of the health risk, would “lead to the election of the most corrupt in the history” of the country.

Donald Trump could finally be back on what seems to be her main angle of attack in these last days, intensely publicized by the media conservatives such as Fox News: the threat to send forces to the order of federal in several major cities governed by democrats, like Chicago or New York, after the first deployments controversial to Portland in the north-west of the country.

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