Coronavirus in Iraq: more than 2000 dead, 50 000 contamination

Coronavirus en Irak: plus de 2000 morts, 50 000 contaminations

The number of infections with the novel coronavirus, has exceeded Wednesday, the 50 000, while the number of dead now exceeds 2000 in Iraq, a country ravaged by wars, the health-care system to its knees, says the ministry of Health.

The balance sheet daily COVID-19 in Iraq, one of the richest countries in the world in oil and public infrastructure devastated, reported on Wednesday a 51 524 contamination, including 2050 dead, while 26 267 people have been cured.

Iraq, which account for the sick in all of these 18 provinces, but mainly in Baghdad — 10 million people –, claims to have conducted 556 000 tests since march.

But because of chronic shortages of doctors, drugs and hospital beds for decades, the country has mainly had help from outside the country to continue to test its people.

According to the world Health Organization (WHO), Iraq has 14 hospital beds per 10,000 people — compared to 60 in France, for example — and spends only 1.8% of its budget to health.

Iraq is particularly threatened because it shares hundreds of miles of border with Iran, the main focus of COVID-19 in the Middle East, and because in the midst of economic crisis, the authorities refuse to return to a curfew, complete that has already been private for weeks thousands of homes of all incomes.

The caregivers, themselves, complain of long-standing under-paid for a job that earns them a regular assault from relatives of patients, accusing them of having failed. They worry for their lives, after hundreds of contaminations in their ranks.

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