Coronavirus: in North Korea, the schools re-opened their doors

Coronavirus: en Corée du Nord, les écoles rouvrent leurs portes

Students in north korea have resumed Wednesday on the way to school, the face protected by a mask, after two months of closure in the framework of the precautionary measures taken against the spread of coronavirus.

Pyongyang has not reported any cases of the disease COVID-19, a version of which doubt the experts, even though the virus appeared in neighbouring China, has spread to all continents.

North Korea has, however, taken drastic measures, closing its borders and imposing a confinement to thousands of people.

The new quarter at school, which would have had to start at the beginning of April, has been repeatedly postponed. Some schools and universities had been allowed mid-April to accommodate students.

On Wednesday, schoolchildren in uniform will be returned to the school, the face hidden behind a mask and flowers commemorative red clinging to their uniform.

Some wore masks, disposable surgical and other masks tissue.

On their arrival in an elementary school in Pyongyang, the students had a right to a decision temperature.

In class, before taking place behind their desk, they waited in line to wash hands with water.

“You must be rubbing your hands “, has launched the professor.

The students wore their masks in class, but were sitting close to each other to listen to their teacher, who also had the face covered.

Portraits of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea, his son and successor Kim Jong Il (respectively, the grandfather and the father of current leader Kim Jong-un) are hung on the walls of all classes of the country and the “education revolution” are included in the school curriculum.

The pandemic has caused nearly 380 000 deaths in the world and more than 6.3 million cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories since the emergence in December of the new coronavirus.

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