Coronavirus in South Africa: 60% increase in the number of deaths

Coronavirus en Afrique du Sud: hausse de 60% du nombre de décès

JOHANNESBURG | South Africa, recorded an increase of nearly 60 % of the total number of deaths natural in recent weeks, leaving the specialists think that the number of deaths from the coronavirus is in fact much higher than official statistics show.

“In recent weeks, the numbers have experienced a steadily rising — in the second week of July, there were 59 % of deaths from natural causes more than what one would expect on the basis of historical data,” according to a report by the south african Council of medical research (SAMRC) released on Wednesday.

The report of the Council — an independent unit funded by the government — has been published on the same day that the ministry of Health has announced a daily record of 572 deaths COVID-19.

The author of the report, professor Debbie Bradshaw, judge that “the weekly reports on deaths revealed a huge gap between deaths confirmed by the COVID-19 and the number of deaths from natural in excess”.

South Africa is the most affected country in Africa and ranks among the top five in the world in terms of confirmed cases, with 394 948 infections reported to date, including 5 940 deaths.

The mortality rate is, however, remained low, at around 1.5 % Wednesday, according to the daily updates of the ministry of Health.

The SAMRC “follows the mortality for decades in South Africa, and this system has made it possible to identify excess deaths associated with the epidemic of COVID-19”, said professor Glenda Gray, president and CEO of the council.

“These deaths can be attributed to both the death COVID-19 and to death non-COVID-19 due to other diseases such as tuberculosis, the V. I. H. and the non-communicable diseases, as health services are reoriented to support this “health crisis”, she said.

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