Coronavirus : Lufthansa account delete 22,000 jobs in the world

Coronavirus : Lufthansa compte supprimer 22 000 postes dans le monde

BERLIN | The first european air group, Lufthansa, in the midst of a crisis because of the pandemic of coronavirus, has the intention of eliminating 22,000 jobs in the world, representing 16 % of its workforce, said Wednesday the company to the AFP.

“We’ll have 22 000 positions full-time equivalent at least within the Lufthansa group, half of which in Germany,” said the group.

Lufthansa adds want to avoid, “to the extent possible”, of compulsory redundancies, through measures of “partial unemployment” and of the negotiated agreements with the unions.

The group, which also owns the european companies SWISS, Austrian, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings, has 135 000 employees in the world.

At the beginning of June, the boss of the group, Carsten Spohr, was estimated to be only 10 000 the number of employees too.

But “demand in the air traffic will obviously resume very slowly,” said the company, which also has separate 100 aircraft, on the 763 aircraft that account its fleet.

“Without a significant reduction in staff costs during the crisis, we gâcherons the possibility of a better restart, and risk weakening Lufthansa,” says Michael Niggemann, head of human resources to the executive board of the group.

As for the whole aviation sector, the pandemic of sars coronavirus has had a strong impact on the activity of the first european air group.

Lufthansa has reported in the first quarter of 2020 from a net loss of 2.1 billion euros ($3.2 billion).

In the coming months, the group will certainly increase in strength after you have already raised some of the links in June, but his offer of seats will not exceed by September 40 % of what was planned before the outbreak of coronavirus.

Through the crisis, Lufthansa has received 9 billion euros (13,81 billion $) public aid and credits guaranteed by the German State, with input from the State capital.

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