Coronavirus: Masks compulsory, Hong Kong strengthens restrictions

Coronavirus: Masque obligatoire, Hong Kong renforce les restrictions

Hong Kong is on the verge of an epidemic of “great magnitude,” warned Wednesday the head of the executive, Carrie Lam, at the time entered into force in the city on measures of social distancing, the more flare-ups since the appearance of the coronavirus at the beginning of the year.

As of Wednesday, the 7.5 million inhabitants of this city, a very densely populated area are required to wear a mask in public, while restaurants do not have the right to serve only take-out.

Gatherings of more than two persons (with the exception of families), are no longer allowed. And fines of $ 5,000 to the hong kong people are provided for in case of breach.

The ex-british colony, very densely populated, was one of the first areas affected by the epidemic after its home chinese and has initially achieved remarkable results against the coronavirus.

But while the chains of local contamination had been almost cut in June, the infections have bounced back a few weeks ago, which prompted the authorities to order gradually new measures of social distancing.

Nearly 1,500 contamination have been recorded since the beginning of the month, or as many as the number of cases listed between January and the end of June.

This is six days that the number of new cases is higher than 100.

“We are at the edge of a larger outbreak which could lead to the collapse of our hospital system and cost lives, particularly in the elderly,” said Ms. Lam in a press release.

The port of the mask (already widely rumored for months within the population) was already mandatory in public transport and in enclosed public places.

And the restaurants could not accommodate guests in their rooms until 18: 00.

The government has announced the next building, with the help of China, a field hospital of 2,000 beds near the international airport.

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