Coronavirus: more than 15 million cases detected in the world

Coronavirus: plus de 15 millions de cas détectés dans le monde

Paris | More than 15 million cases of the novel coronavirus have been officially reported worldwide, of which more than half in the United States and in Latin America, according to a count taken by the AFP.

The pandemic continues to accelerate, and many countries are forced to strengthen their measures. In less than five days, one million new cases have been identified in the world. And since a week, more than 230 000 new cases are daily in average announced. The number of infections known has doubled since June 11.

In total, at least 15 007 291 cases, of which 617.603 deaths and 8 351 373 persons who were declared cured, were recorded. In the United States, the country most affected with 3 915 780 cases (142 of 312 deaths), more than 460 000 new cases were recorded in a week, according to data Centres for the prevention and control of diseases (CDC), which is 10% higher than the previous week (420 000).

Other signs of this acceleration, in addition to the United States, several countries and territories have registered records of cases in the last few days, such as Australia, with 502 new infected persons, according to an assessment on Wednesday. The total is now approaching 13,000 on the island continent. Hong Kong reported Wednesday 113 new infections in the COVID-19, a new record also there.

The figure for the number of contamination reflects only a part of the real number of cases, many countries are using the tests for the tracing or does not have sufficient resources to conduct large screening campaigns. In the United States, in the spring, cases of the novel coronavirus have probably been two to 13 times higher than those officially recorded, considered Tuesday the CDC.

Latin America and the Caribbean, the second region of the world most affected in a number of cases (3 956 997 of which 167 377 deaths) is still facing a rapid progression of the virus. It has, like the United States, recorded more than 460 000 new cases in a week.

In Africa, where the WHO is also concerned about the acceleration of the epidemic, the bar of 15 000 dead has been crossed (15.765 for 753 124 cases). The Middle East has increased the million of cases (1 044 925 infections including 23 929 people).

Europe had it 2 993 801 cases, including 206.430 death.

Oceania remains the continent least affected (14 523 cases including 157 deaths), but the number of new infections has risen sharply recently, with 2224 cases detected last week against 1.481 the previous, an increase of 50%.

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