Coronavirus: more than 16 million case, Spain wants to reassure

Coronavirus: plus de 16 millions de cas, l’Espagne veut rassurer

Madrid | The rhythm of the pandemic continues to accelerate in the world, with more than 16 million cases Sunday, of which more than half are on the american continent, while Spain was to control” the situation, despite a surge in cases of coronavirus.

The COVID-19 wins in new countries, like North Korea, which until now was said to be spared, and was placed Sunday in a state of”emergency maximum” after the announcement of the first suspected case.

With more than five million new cases detected since 1 July, more than a third of those that have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic, the disease has killed at least 645 715 deaths in the world.

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Despite the outbreak of the case, the Spanish government wanted to be reassuring, saying the situation was “under control” and that the homes were “localized and isolated”, in a response to States that have announced restrictions in respect of Spain.

London has announced that passengers coming from Spain should undergo a period of isolation from Sunday, taking seemingly short the british minister of Transport, who is currently on vacation.

Norway has also re-imposed restrictions on trips to Spain and the French prime minister, Jean Castex, has “strongly recommended” to the French”avoid” to travel to Catalonia.

Instructions that some have not followed: “we know that We are going to have to be vigilant, to be very careful”, told AFP Jean-Louis T., which has made the trip with his wife and their 15-year old son to spend three weeks in a holiday home.

The figures leave also on the rise in France, where viral circulation is “net increase”, with over 1000 new cases of coronavirus by day, announced the directorate-general of health.

“What we must avoid above all, it is the reconfinement general,” said Jean Castex, because of the consequences “catastrophic” economic, social and psychological.

In Italy, the authorities of the Campania region in the south have hardened the rules: from now on, this will be a 1000 euro fine (more than 1,500 canadian dollars) for those who do not wear a mask in confined spaces.

Anxiety in North Korea

In North Korea, the leader Kim Jong-un has called an emergency meeting of the political bureau of the communist party in power to adopt “emergency measures” maximum in order to contain the spread of the virus in this country is airtight.

“It seems that the vicious virus got into the country,” he said, quoted by the official agency press KCNA.

The person suspected of having introduced the COVID-19 in North Korea’s entry “on the 19th of July after illegally crossing the demarcation line” with South Korea, according to KCNA.

“No country is spared”, had stressed on Saturday the world Health Organization (WHO), adding that the strong increase in the number of cases is due to a high transmission in areas of high population concentration such as on the american continent and in South Asia.

The United States, the country with the most mournful with 146 463 deaths for 4 178 730 cases.

In countries that had succeeded in containing the virus, the numbers start rising.

The iranian authorities have announced Sunday, 216 people dead and called on the population to be vigilant against the virus, in order to save the caregiver, earned by “fatigue”.

Australia has experienced its most deadly Sunday, with 10 deaths, and an increase in the number of cases, in spite of severe measures of containment.

More football in Vietnam

In Latin America, the cancellation of festivities and sports events are increasing.

The traditional year-end party in Rio de Janeiro, which brings together millions of spectators on the beach of Copacabana to see the fireworks, has been cancelled, and Sao Paulo was postponed sine die, its carnival.

Brazil, the second country most affected by the pandemic, after the United States, with approximately 2.3 million cases, has saved Saturday, more than 1200 new cases, bringing the death toll to more than 86 000.

Panama has renounced to host the world Cup soccer under 20 years of age, which was to take place in early 2021, as well as the sport Games of central America and the Caribbean by 2022.

Still in Panama, a pilot of colombia, which the company is a victim of the collapse of air transport, occupies himself by making and selling buns.

“With the pandemic, I was going mad with nothing to do at home. I was angry, frustrated,” explains the pilot became a baker of fortune, Juan Salazar.

In Japan, a championship football game (J-League) was postponed on Sunday following the discovery of a case of coronavirus in the numbers of one of the two teams, a first since the resumption of the competition at the beginning of the month.

And in Vietnam, the local competitions of football have been suspended on Sunday after the announcement of the first case of coronavirus in nearly 100 days.

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