Coronavirus: more than 9 million reported cases in the world

Coronavirus: plus de 9 millions de cas déclarés dans le monde

More than 9 million cases of the novel coronavirus have been officially reported worldwide, of which more than half in Europe and the United States, according to a count taken by AFP from official sources Monday.

At least 9 000 091 cases of infection, among which 468 823 deaths, have been identified, including in Europe, the continent most affected with 2 537 451 cases and 192 973 deaths, as well as in the United States (2 281 903 cases and 119 997 deaths). The number of reported cases in the world has doubled since may 16 and more than a million new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded over the last seven days.

This total does not reflect, however, that a fraction of the actual number of contaminations, a large number of countries testing serious cases.


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