Coronavirus: motion-low health in an attempt to contain the epidemic in French Guyana

Coronavirus: branle-bas sanitaire pour tenter de contenir l’épidémie en Guyane

In the Face of an epidemic of COVID-19 rampant, which is expected to reach its peak in mid-July in Guyana, the pandemonium of health is organized to try to prevent the saturation of the hospital system of this French territory in South America, over which hung the threat of a reconfinement.

Then the French minister of overseas, Annick Girardin, was completed Wednesday night in a shift of 48 hours on the spot and promised reinforcements in men and equipment, the ministry of the Armed forces on Thursday announced the shipment on Friday of an Airbus A400M to allow for evacuation of sick of the coronavirus to hospitals of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the French west Indies.

Since Monday, six medical evacuations have taken place to the west Indies, in a military transport plane.

The government is also planning to conduct a “medical evacuations to the mainland) of cases of non-COVID to relieve the hospitals in guyana,” said Annick Girardin to Cayenne.

The virus circulates in a manner “particularly active” in Guyana, where the health authorities ” are mobilized to slow the spread of the epidemic, breaking the chains of contamination and to curb the congestion of care services “, underlined Thursday in Paris the Directorate-general of health (DGS) in its press release.

Guyana had Wednesday (last reported figures) 2827-confirmed cases (+234 cases in 24 hours), 103 hospitalizations, 15 patients in the intensive care unit and 9 deaths.

“We double the number of cases each week,” warned Annick Girardin, and the peak of the epidemic in this overseas territory of 300 000 inhabitants, in a state of sanitary emergency until the end of October, is intended for ” mid-July “.

While the government has clearly put on the table on Sunday, in the light of the evolution of the epidemic, a possible reconfinement of Guyana, the minister expressed reservations about this option, without, however, exclude it.

The ” reconfinement is the extent that we would curb the more strongly the spread of the virus, provided that the population accepts it and the implement, which is not certain “, she said, referring to the difficulties of such a measure for the population’s precarious living in many ” informal settlements “.

“It is also a measure fraught with meaning, that could prevent many Guyanese to work and ensure the subsistence of their families. The social cost of this measure should not be underestimated, ” added the minister.

Call for volunteers

To curb the epidemic and alleviate traffic congestion in the hospital services, reinforcement of human and material resources have arrived, including a field hospital at Cayenne for the case of non-Covid, during installation Thursday.

While the Cayenne hospital has for the time being only 16 beds COVID-19 resuscitation, the capacity will be increased with “a second tranche of 15 extra beds, and then a third tranche of 15 beds, when we need them,” said Ms. Girardin.

She also called on Guyanese to do more to uphold the gestures of the barriers and the port of the mask – the prefect has complained on several occasions of festivals and collections of several tens or even hundreds of people, and invited the latter to harden the curfews already in force.

The idea is also at this stage to ” give preference to a containment of interest “, such as those of Saint-Georges de l’oyapock and Camopi, to the brazilian border, or in a neighborhood of Rémire-Monjoly.

“The reinforcements announced by the minister allows us to gain a few days on the decision of reconfinement,” admitted the president of the territorial collectivity of French Guiana, Rodolphe Alexandre, who is claiming, however, is still the deployment of special structures.

A group, composed of the major militant forces, trade unions and political origin of a great social movement in 2017, which “alerts since march” on the situation, claiming him as additional measures.

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