Coronavirus : new record of more than 67 000 cases were reported in 24 hours in the United States

Coronavirus : nouveau record de plus de 67 000 cas recensés en 24 heures aux États-Unis

WASHINGTON | The United States recorded Wednesday, a new record for the number of infections with the sars coronavirus in a day, with more than 67 600 additional cases reported in 24 hours, according to the count at 20: 30 local from the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

The first power in the world is facing since the end of June to a very strong resurgence of the virus, especially in States in the south and west of the country. For the past ten days, the number of infections detected every 24 hours is between 55 000 and 65 000.

These alarming figures are equivalent to approximately the double of the levels of contamination recorded around the month of April, when the country was for the most part confined.

The previous record dated back to Saturday, with more than 66 500 new cases in a day.

The curve of deaths, if it has started to rise again, does not follow the path of the contamination. On Wednesday, the United States has deplored 795 new dead of the COVID-19 in a day, according to the university data updated continuously.

The United States are the countries in the world most affected in absolute value, both in total number of cases (more than 3,49 million, of which 1.07 million people reported healed) deaths (more than 137, 200).

And the latest updates of epidemiological models have been revised upward: the country is expected to reach 151 000 deaths by August 1, and 157 000 on 8 August, according to the average of models 23 research groups, published on Tuesday by a team from the university of Massachusetts for the account of the Centres of prevention and control of diseases (CDC).

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