Coronavirus: “no excess of mortality” in may in France

Coronavirus: «pas d’excédent de mortalité» en mai en France

The mortality was found in the month of may the same levels as those seen the past two years, according to figures published Friday by the French national Institute of statistics (Insee), confirming the recession of the deaths in the regions most affected by the coronavirus.

Since the 1st of may, “there is more excess mortality compared to the previous two years,” said the institute in its weekly publication on mortality.

Between the 1st may and the 1st June, 49 178 deaths have been registered in the territory, which is 3% less than in 2019 and as much as 2018, according to these figures still provisional, based on the data of the civil status who does not show the causes of death.

After several weeks of consecutive increases, recorded from the 1st of march, the number of deaths in the territories strongly affected by the epidemic as well as the Grand-est, Hauts-de-France (north) or the Burgundy-Franche-Comté (centre-east) have also recovered to levels similar to those of 2019 and 2018.

Only the Ile-de-France (paris region) still had a mortality “a little superior to that of previous years”, has detailed the Insee.

This decline in fatalities is observed, however, more to those that take place in a hospital or clinic, (-8 % compared to 2019). The deaths that occurred in may in a retirement home or at home remains more numerous than last year (respectively +5 and +7 per cent).

Since march, the mortality remains high with 178 706 deaths that occurred between 1 march and 1 June, 16% more than in 2019 (+25 200 deaths) and 12 % more than in 2018 (+18 500 deaths).

Some 29 346 people died in France for the new coronavirus since the start of the epidemic, which makes it the fifth country the most grief-stricken in the world. In recent weeks, the spread of the virus has experienced a serious slowdown.

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