Coronavirus: Qantas will remove 6,000 jobs

Coronavirus: Qantas va supprimer 6 000 emplois

The airline, australia’s Qantas on Thursday announced the elimination of 6,000 jobs and the maintenance in soil of a hundred devices, in order to save more than 9 billion euros and through the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

The ceo Alan Joyce explained that this plan of restructuring over three years was not aimed at neither more nor less than to save the flagship of the australian aviation of “the worst crisis ever experienced by the sector”.

“This year was supposed to be a year of celebrations for Qantas, that of the centenary,” said Mr Joyce in a press release. “Clearly, things did not go as planned”.

The fall in demand had already forced Qantas to suspend, until in October all its international flights, outside of those to New Zealand.

The internal traffic is in the process of leaving because the majority of australian States have managed to contain the epidemic. But the international borders should remain closed to the majority of foreign passengers until the next year.

And a resurgence of cases in Melbourne, the second largest city of the country, came to remember that the threat of the sars coronavirus remained very real.

“We need to put ourselves in position for several years where the turnover will be much lower. And it means to become a smaller company in the short term,” said Mr. Joyce commenting on the deletion of almost one post out of five. The company currently employs 29 000 people.

“Not a lot of latitude”

In addition to the 15 billion australian dollars of savings, the “recovery plan post-Covid” plans to raise $ 1.9 billion in shares.

The group has announced that the contract of Mr. Joyce, the director-general the best paid in the country, would be extended until the completion of the plan.

The job cuts will concern Qantas and its subsidiary “low cost” Jetstar. In total, 15 000 employees in technical unemployment since march. The group hopes that half of them have returned to work by the end of the year.

Mr Joyce acknowledged the “huge impact” recovery plan “for thousands of people”.

“The loss of billions of dollars of turnover does not leave us a lot of latitude”, he however said.

The Prime minister of australia Scott Morrison, whose conservative government has made billions of australian dollars to try to reduce the economic impact of the crisis, has described as “heart-wrenching” the job cuts at Qantas. “These are difficult days for Australia,” he said during a press conference.

The australian Council of trade unions (ACTU), the main trade union organization in the country, has denounced the plan of Qantas in calling on Mr Morrison to extend the program of assistance “JobKeeper” which allows companies to continue to pay part of the wages in spite of the decline in activity related to the sars coronavirus.

“If it is possible to maintain the employment of Alan Joyce, why can’t we negotiate with the unions the maintenance of JobKeeper to save these jobs?”, said the president of the ACTU, Michele O’neil.

About 150 aircraft grounded by Qantas in march, 100 will remain for a period of up to one year, including all the A380 fleet, has announced Qantas. The company also has carried forward the new orders to Airbus A321neo and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

It said it was reasonably optimistic for its future. “Nearly two-thirds of our profits before the crisis came from the domestic market, which is likely to recover more quickly,” said Mr. Joyce. “We’re number one on the links conventional and low-cost in Australia, where distances make air transport essential.

Its sole competitor in australia, Virgin Australia, is in cessation of payments in April, and discussing with two prospective buyers, Bain Capital and Cyrus Capital Partners.

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