Coronavirus: restaurants and bars reopened in Rio de Janeiro

Coronavirus: restaurants et bars rouvrent à Rio de Janeiro

Restaurants, cafes and bars of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were re-opened Thursday after three months of inactivity due to the crisis of the coronavirus, “a return to the normal’ gradual deemed premature by the experts.

For this new stage of recovery in activity, these establishments — who were not allowed to work with deliveries at home — can now receive clients to the tune of 50% of their capacity, with two metres between each table, and preferably in open spaces.

The sports halls, beauty salons and tattoos have also been allowed to reopen in the “wonderful City” of the 6.7 million inhabitants, while respecting strict precautions.

This reopening is responding to economic concerns, while many of these establishments closed since the end of march, are in extreme financial hardship.

“There is nothing to celebrate, we are engaged in this battle since march “, said on Wednesday the mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella.

“The decline in requests for beds in intensive care, and stabilization of the number of the dead, report that we have reached a peak loss in may, before falling to current levels “, he assured.

The city of Rio de Janeiro, said 68 new deaths in the last 24 hours, and had a peak of 227 dead on 3 June.

Although in the State of Rio, as in all others in Brazil, there is a movement of the pandemic to the interior, the specialists warn that the contamination rate remains high and that the déconfinement progressive could put new pressure on hospital facilities.

For professor Roberto Medonho, director of the research division of the University Hospital Clementino Fraga Filho, federal university of Rio de Janeiro, this reopening is ” an early and untimely “.

The rate of contamination each infected person is back to 1.51. “This figure will increase with the re-openings “, predicted Mr. Medonho with The AFP.

The State of Rio de Janeiro, the second-most affected country, after Sao Paulo, has passed the stage of 10 000 people dead — including 6618 only in the city of Rio — for 115 000 cases of contamination.

Brazil has passed on Wednesday the cape town of 60 000 people died of the coronavirus, after you have registered 1038 additional deaths in 24 hours, with 1.44 million of contamination.

It is the second country where the COVID-19 infects and kills the most in the world, behind the United States.

But for Mr. Medronho, the actual number of person infected could be up to ten times higher and that of the dead, the double.

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