Coronavirus: review reviewed rising in Spain over 28 to 300 dead

Coronavirus: bilan revu en hausse en Espagne à plus de 28 300 morts

The Spanish government has revised up on Friday the number of dead from new coronavirus, a 28 313 dead, while the figure was “frozen” since the beginning of June to 27 of 136 in response to a change in method of accounting.

The government had changed at the end of may its methodology and requested the regions, competent in the field of health, to notify the cases individually with a specific date and not over the group as before.

The result of this change in method, the ministry of Health had decided to “freeze” the balance sheet total on June 7, because of “discrepancies” in the figures, in particular due to delays in some regions.

Spain remains the country one of the most bereaved in the world by the pandemic.

The epidemiologist-in-chief of the Health ministry, Fernando Simon acknowledged Friday that this “freezing” caused “some controversy” and led to government charges of ” disinformation “. But he defended ” the need to update the data of all cases registered.”

The right-wing opposition and the extreme right have accused the left-wing government of Pedro Sanchez to hide the real number of the dead by emphasizing the excess of 43 000 deaths recorded since mid-march compared to the average of the last ten years, according to the national Institute of statistics and a public research institution.

But ” there is no confirmation that the coronavirus was the cause of these 15 000 excess deaths, said Friday Mr. Simon.

The government has still not communicated with the national figure of deaths in the nursing homes, where the coronavirus that sparked a slaughter, in the region of Madrid in particular.

According to the updated figures of the ministry of Health, the number of dead from the COVID-19 has fallen over the last few days in Spain to 2 Wednesday, 5 on Tuesday and 7 on Monday. In mid-may, the number of dead was still between 50 and 100 after reaching up to 950 at the beginning of April to the peak of the epidemic.

The number of people in intensive care is not more than 312 against 5500 at the peak of the epidemic.

“The epidemic is very controlled,” assured Mr. Simon, even if the virus is still circulating a bit and “could return to Spain” with the reopening of the borders for european nationals from Sunday.

According to the government, the new system of accounting with specific dates must allow for the detection of more outbreaks of contagion in the event of resumption of the epidemic.

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