Coronavirus: Russia has more than 500, 000 cases

Coronavirus: la Russie dépasse les 500 000 cas

MOSCOW | Russia has surpassed Thursday the bar of the 500 000 new cases of coronavirus, looking in spite of a gradual return to normal life with the end of the confinement in Moscow and an early reopening of the borders.

The largest country in the world has recorded 8779 new infections in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 502 436, Russia remains the third State is the most affected by the pandemic, after the United States and Brazil.

The authorities have identified 174 died of the virus these past 24 hours, for a total of 6532 victims officially recorded. Over 261 000 people are considered to be cured.

The city of Moscow, the epicentre of the epidemic COVID-19 in the country, was lifted Tuesday by the confinement imposed since the end of march the population, based on the encouraging figures of a fall in new hiv infections.

The borders have also been re-opened partially, especially for the Russians who have a familial pattern, or professional.

Critics of the Kremlin argue that the authorities expedite the déconfinement before the great military parade of June 24, in Moscow, commemorating the victory over the nazis, and then the referendum on the constitutional reform, the scheduled end of April, but postponed to 1st July.

If Russia claims that it has been able to reorganize his hospital system to combat the pandemic and carry out a policy of mass screening of the population, the president of the Court of accounts, Alexey Kudrin, said Thursday that the Russian sector of health was “significantly under-funded, even in its normal operation”.

Mr. Kudrin, a voice that is often critical within the Russian elite, has called for a “reconstruction serious” in the sector, particularly in the regions, where the institutions do not have modern facilities.

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