Coronavirus: Seoul limit the number of students in its schools because of an outbreak

Coronavirus: Séoul limite le nombre d'élèves dans ses écoles à cause d'une flambée de cas

SEOUL | South Korea has imposed a Friday, restrictions on the number of students schools can accommodate in Seoul and its surrounding area in the hope to identify new sources of contamination to the coronavirus.

Kindergartens, primary schools and colleges of the metropolitan area of Seoul, where half of the population of the country, can only accommodate one child in three, and the others will follow a distance education.

South Korea was the end of February the second country most affected by the epidemic after its home chinese, but the government managed to control the situation through a strategy based on very extensive testing and tracing of contacts of infected people, which earned him the praise of foreign capital.

The restrictions were largely lifted in the beginning of the month, and the whole country was on track to return to a normal life, until the appearance of new outbreaks this week in the capital and its surroundings, which prompted the authorities to impose new restrictions.

The schools had begun to reopen gradually.

South Korea reported Thursday its largest outbreak of new cases in almost two months (+79). The number of new cases (+58), however, was down Friday, for a total of 11 402 registered cases in the country.

This renewed contamination is primarily related to a warehouse of the company e-commerce Coupang in Bucheon, west of Seoul, which is linked to 96 cases.

“We asked the employees of Coupang and to members of their family” not to get in any school, said vice-minister of Education Park Baeg-beom.

Museums, parks and art galleries were again closed for two weeks from Friday. And companies are encouraged to re-introduce the flexibility in the workplace.

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