Coronavirus: Sweden expects to 3000 additional deaths

Coronavirus: la Suède s’attend à 3000 décès supplémentaires

Stockholm | Sweden, which already displays one of the balance sheets of the heaviest per capita in the world, held Tuesday, likely in a scenario with 3000 additional deaths due to novel coronavirus.

These forecasts are from one of the three scenarios considered by the public health agency of the scandinavian kingdom, which drew the attention of the whole world by its policy less strict in the face of the COVID-19.

The balance sheet of the epidemic in Sweden has reached on Tuesday 5646 deaths and 78 166 confirmed cases, placing the nordic country at the bottom of the head of the most affected countries in the world, even if the authorities say the slowdown in new cases, severe cases and deaths.

According to the public health agency Swedish, the most likely scenario would be to see the emergence of different homes across the country, which would be more or less easy to control.

A scenario already seen in other parts of the world and seems to follow the path in the usual COVID-19 “, said the epidemiologist-in-chief Anders Tegnell.

In this case, the fact of a relaxation of measures barriers, the rate of infection “is expected to grow rapidly due to a greater socialization between people” but due to contract then quickly ” at a time when people will be aware of the risk and comply with the gestures barriers such as social distancing “. The estimated number of excess deaths in this case is estimated to be 3200.

The worst-case scenario envisages him more than 5800 people dead, in the event that the coronavirus would follow the classical path of a pandemic.

The “best” scenario, in which the virus would follow the course of current trends, predicts that 200 deaths additional would be to be deplored.

Unlike other european countries, Sweden has never imposed confinement to his population and made headlines abroad by its strategy judged to be lax in the face of the sars coronavirus. She kept the schools for the under 16 open, as well as cafes, bars and other restaurants.

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