Coronavirus: the brazilian government publishes figures divergent

The brazilian ministry of Health published Sunday night two different sets of figures for deaths and contaminations of the past 24 hours, in the middle of a controversy, the national data dissemination of the outbreak of coronavirus.

The first assessment is sent by the department via the messaging WhatsApp to 20h30 (23h30 GMT), was state, with the screen capture of a graph, 1 382 additional deaths, for a total of 37 312.

The new cases amounted to 12 581.

But a second assessment daily, published two hours later on the ministry’s website, showed a balance of deaths was lower (525) but much higher with regard to infections (18 912).

The department, as requested by the AFP, did not specify which of the two balance sheets was the right one.

If we consider the second assessment, then the totals are 36 455 deaths and 691 758 confirmed cases, knowing that the scientific community considers these figures far below the reality. The giant south-american of 210 million people is the second country in my world in the number of infections, and the third most grief-stricken.

By disclosing his first statement on Sunday, the ministry had stated that it was the dissemination of aggregate figures of the epidemic, after having been suspended for two days.

The regional health authorities in Brazil had acknowledged Saturday the government “to make invisible” the dead of the coronavirus. The president Jair Bolsonaro himself had tweeted the same day that the aggregate figures do “not reflect the time of the country”.

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