Coronavirus: the British variant detected in eight US states

Coronavirus: the British variant detected in eight US states

Cases of the new, more contagious British variant of the coronavirus have been detected in at least eight US states, according to official figures as the country recorded a new record of contaminations on Friday.

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According to data from the Center for Disease Control Friday, 63 cases of the new variant, which appeared last week in the United States, have been identified, including in California and Florida.

Cases of the variant that appeared in Britain have also been reported in Colorado, Texas, New York State, Virginia, Georgia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Renowned American immunologist Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday that the new variant might be “more prevalent in the United States,” but said he was not particularly worried.

The United States recorded a new record of contamination on Friday with nearly 290,000 cases of Covid-19 identified in 24 hours, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University, which refer to it.

At the same time, the country, faced with an outbreak of the epidemic, has deplored 3,676 deaths from the disease, according to a statement made every day at 8:30 pm local by AFP of university figures, continuously updated.

The day before, the country had recorded a record of almost 4,000 deaths in a single day.

Some 131,000 people are currently hospitalized with Covid-19, according to data from the Covid Tracking Project.

In total, the United States has recorded 21.8 million cases and more than 368,000 deaths from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

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