Coronavirus: “the pandemic continues to accelerate” in the world

Coronavirus: «la pandémie continue de s’accélérer» dans le monde

Dubai | On the front of the COVID-19, good news from Europe must not be deceived : at the global level, the pandemic does not retreat, but ” continues to accelerate “, warned Monday the world health Organization.

While in some countries, including France, it is a time of cautious optimism and the déconfinement, the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has enjoyed a virtual conference organized by the emirate of Dubai to launch a new caveat.

“It took more than three months for the first million cases reported. The last million cases has been reported in only eight days,” he said. This demonstrates that the epidemic “continues to accelerate”.

“We know that it is much more than a health crisis, it is a crisis of economic, social and, in many countries, policy. Its effects will be felt over decades”, he added.

Virus “deadly”

Last week, the head of the WHO had qualified this new phase of “dangerous”, considering that, despite the need to get out of the containment, the virus continued and “spread rapidly” and was “deadly”.

Latin America has just entered the winter, which it seems that low temperatures are conducive to the spread of the virus. This is where lies the epicentre of the disease.

Brazil, the second country in the world the most bereaved, behind the United States, has exceeded the threshold of 50 000 dead and two million confirmed cases, the mega-cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro being the most severely affected.

Elsewhere in Latin America, the balance sheet has exceeded these last days the 20, 000 deaths in Mexico, 1000 deaths in Argentina and 8,000 people died in Peru.

The inca citadel of Machu Picchu, the main tourist site in peru, has postponed indefinitely its reopening originally scheduled for 1 July.

In other countries, such as Azerbaijan, the multiplication of new cases, following a déconfinement too early, has led to the establishment of strict measures of reconfinement.

Until the 1st of August, shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and beauty salons of the capital Baku and other major cities will again be closed. The inhabitants will not be allowed to go out as a “once-a-day, for two hours maximum, after you have received via sms to a permission” of the authorities, said prime minister Ali Asadov.

In contrast to many countries in Europe, submerged in the spring by the disease, continue to reduce the precautionary measures in favor of a respite from the epidemic.

Cinema at midnight

Thus, Spain was released Sunday from the state health emergency and reopened its border with France, to the delight of the tourists who were able to return to the beaches of the Mediterranean.

In France, the movie theatres, and casinos are allowed to re-open since Monday. Some rooms, such as the cinema Les 5 Caumartin in Paris, have programmed sessions as early as 00: 01. The spectators have been entitled to a VIP welcome and the popcorn is free.

“When we knew that here there was a session of midnight to celebrate the day of resumption, we booked immediately. It’s a great idea to mark the event. This is not our usual schedule, but it will make a nice souvenir after these difficult weeks”, is excited about Loriane, who came with a friend to attend a premiere of the French comedy “Parfums”, Grégory Montel.

Always in France, the school becomes mandatory on Monday for all students, with the exception of school children, to two weeks of the big summer holidays.

The French schools had already partially re-opened in may, but the parents were free to send their children or not.

“They are clearly better at school with their friends, even for two weeks. It gives a bit of rigor. Otherwise it would be a six-month vacation and to retrieve it from behind, it’s complicated,” said Ghyslain Tinarage, the father of two children aged 10 and 11, in the south of France.

The COVID-19 killed, officially at least 468 518 people in the world and has infected over 8.9 million, of which 4.2 million are now considered as cured, since China has reported the appearance in December of the disease.

In the United States, the country most strongly affected, the toll was Sunday of 119 977 dead for nearly 2.3 million cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania are below the threshold of one million cases. But a rebound is of concern to the China since last week with more than 220 new cases including 22 on Sunday.

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