Coronavirus: the pianist Igor Levit performs a concert of 20 hours

Coronavirus: le pianiste Igor Levit donne un concert de 20 heures

The German pianist Igor Levit began Saturday, an exceptional concert of 20 hours, during which he will play a single work of Erik Satie in order to attract attention to the plight of the artists affected by the pandemic coronavirus, found the AFP.

The concert, broadcast from 14 h to local including on the Twitter account of the artist of Russian origin, is ” a silent cry “, which was launched while the culture sector has virtually shut down since the beginning of pandemic of novel coronavirus, has-t-he believed in a news release announcing the event.

“My world and that of my colleagues, is different than before since many weeks and expected to remain so for a long time “, has also stressed Igor Levit, gladly presented by the media as one of the greatest pianists of contemporary at only 33 years old.

Since a music studio in berlin, the artist has to play without interruption “Vexations” by Erik Satie, whose ” a few notes (a theme and two variations) fits on a single page “, but are repeated 840 times.

“The work reflects a sense of resistance, and that is why it seems important to play the Outrage now,” he again clarified.

“I can’t guarantee that I’m going to complete its term (the concert). Who knows? Maybe at some point I’m going to collapse. But I know that I will be different out ” of this performance, he also admitted in an interview with Der Spiegel.

Since mid-march, Igor Levit has given almost every night “concerts at home” broadcast live on Twitter.

Also known in particular for his commitment against anti-semitism, Igor Levit had revealed the end of 2019 being the target of a death threat during a concert in a city in the south of Germany. He had wanted to keep this concert framed heavy security measures.

He had then expressed his fear, ” not for me, but for this country. My country ” marked by a resurgence of anti-semitic acts, had stressed this man of Russian origin, and arrived child in Germany.

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