Coronavirus: the Swedes called to telecommute until 2021

Coronavirus: les Suédois appelés à télétravailler jusqu’en 2021

Stockholm | Sweden, which has attracted attention with its strategy less strict in the face of the coronavirus, called on Thursday to continue the work at home at least until the New Year, at the time the nordic country has passed the milestone of 80,000 cases.

The measure, which aims in part to reduce overcrowding in public transport, is intended to make things easier, particularly for essential workers.

The Swedish authorities now record a decrease in the number of new cases, especially serious cases requiring intensive care.

But the Swedish Agency of public health note that if the ” contacts rise again, there is a considerable risk of further spread in the fall “.

“We have always sought to put in place sustainable measures and to demonstrate endurance in the long process that we’re going to have to do to fight this pandemic,” said the epidemiologist-in-chief Anders Tegnell at a press conference.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the country registered 80 100 case of COVID-19, of which 318 the past 24 hours, the levels of contamination per capita among the highest in Europe.

In total, 5739 people have died of the virus in Sweden, according to Swedish authorities.

The balance sheet prompted its neighbours to close the door to the Swedes, breaking the strong nordic solidarity in the usual way. If Denmark on Thursday announced in a statement that the lifting of this ban, Norway only allows travel essential for the inhabitants of some regions of Sweden and Finland.

Unlike other european countries, Sweden has never imposed confinement to its population and has generated controversy on the relevance of its strategy in the face of the sars coronavirus. She kept the schools for the under 16 open, as well as cafes, bars and other restaurants.

The Agency of public health has defended this approach as it considers relevant in the long term, and rejects the measures taken over quite a short period of time elsewhere, considering them as too inefficient compared to the effects they have on society.

With regard to the use of the mask, only the medical staff are invited to wear it.

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