Coronavirus: the WHO worried about Europe, many countries require the wearing of the mask

Coronavirus: l’OMS inquiète pour l’Europe, de nombreux pays obligent au port du masque

Copenhagen | The WHO expressed “concern” Friday for the resurgence of the epidemic of COVID-19 in several countries in Europe where the wearing of the mask becomes widespread as in London or Vienna, but the american continent is by far the most affected, with more than 8 million people infected.

Belgium beat Friday, a sad record: a little girl of three years died from the COVID-19 a few days ago, were announced by the health authorities, making it the youngest victim of the virus in this country which is experiencing an increase in contamination, with 64 847 cases.

In England, the obligation to wear the mask in shops and supermarkets came into force. Same thing in supermarkets in Vienna, but also in the post offices, banks and medical centres.

And even if it is sometimes complicated to understand in speaking, the mouth covered, “it must carry to protect yourself and protect others”, explains to the AFP Nafta Aktas, an employee of a post office.

Andreas Poschenreither, who does his shopping in a supermarket, believes that wearing a mask would have to remain binding after the lifting of the containment in the country. “It was a mistake,” he said.

On Friday, the european branch of the world health Organization (WHO) has called on european countries to remain responsive and to lift the restrictions “with caution” or to reintroduce them if needed.

“The recent resurgence of cases of COVID-19 in some countries after the relaxation of the measures of distancing is certainly a cause for concern”, told AFP a spokesman.

Europe had Friday 207 118 deaths to more than 3 million cases, according to a count compiled by the AFP.

In tents

In total, 633 711 people have died of the COVID-19 in the world. And it is on the american continent that the situation remains the most worrying.

In the United States, the milestone of 4 million cases official is now outdated, 1225 new deaths were reported Friday.

Long accused of denial in the face of the pandemic, the us president Donald Trump, who has recently admitted a “alarming rise of cases” in the south, renounced the republican convention scheduled for late August in Florida. This event was to officially induct him as a candidate of the republican party in the November presidential election.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, with the threshold of four million cases has also been crossed. Brazil alone now has more than 2.2 million cases.

This has not prevented the president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, infected by the coronavirus, go for a walk on Thursday on a motorbike and discuss, without mask, with sweepers near his home in Brasilia, according to photos released in the media.

Because of the spread of the epidemic, Bolivia had announced the postponement at the 18 October general elections on 6 September.

The situation is particularly dramatic in Ecuador, where the health system and the country’s second city, Arequipa, is totally saturated. Some infected people have been seen sleeping in tents at the foot of the hospitals, others in their cars, in the hope of getting a bed and be cared for.

In Nicaragua, the masks are also for the beauty queens: the competition for the crown of Miss Nicaragua 2020 will be taking place, behind closed doors, the authorities refusing to order the measures of containment.

The fear lurks

According to the Red Cross, the economic balance sheet of the devastating pandemic may trigger new waves of migration once the borders reopened.

“We are increasingly seeing, in many countries, the side effects of the pandemic on the livelihoods and food situation,” said Jagan Chapagain, general secretary of the international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies (IFRC).

Elsewhere in the world, the numbers also continue to grow.

In India, 740 new deaths attributed to the COVID-19 have been identified in 24 hours, according to an official report Friday. With 30,000 deaths, the country becomes the sixth with the largest number of deaths in the world, behind the United States, Brazil, Great Britain, Mexico and Italy, according to a tally conducted by the AFP.

Several countries have chosen to impose new measures of containment part.

The approximately 10 million inhabitants of Tokyo were invited to stay with them since Thursday, the first day of a long holiday weekend in Japan.

Other reinforce their mechanism of screening, such as Germany, which will offer free tests to returning travelers in the country.

And in South Africa, the public schools have closed their doors for a month, in this country, which has seen an increase of nearly 60% of the total number of deaths natural in the last few weeks.

At the retirement home “Casa Serena” in Johannesburg, the economic capital, 14 of the 64 residents died after being infected with the COVID-19 and the fear lurking today among the living.

“It was expected that people die each year as during the winter (southern hemisphere), but there is a concentration of death,” sighed Mario Serra, who runs the establishment.

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