Coronavirus : Vitaa angry after the postponement of his concerts with Slimane

Coronavirus : Vitaa en colère après le report de ses concerts avec Slimane

Vitaa angry after the cancellation of his concerts with Slimane to cause the Coronavirus

The tour of Vitaa and Slimane is it also affected by the measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Most of their shows are deferred and if the singer has no choice other than to comply with the rules, it does not stop him to share his disappointment.

The measures taken to fight against the Coronavirus are more and more radical. For proof, today they are the gatherings of 1,000 people, which are banned in France following an announcement by the minister of Health. Harry Styles, Ninho, Gims, M. Pokora, Vitaa & Slimane… most of The artists are affected by the new rules and, inevitably, the disappointment is. M Pokora, moreover, has not failed to share his displeasure… as Vitaa.

Vitaa “appalled”

While the tour of Slimane and the interpreter of A flower you should start on march 7 at Beauvais, the two artists saw their concert postponed, as well as their upcoming dates. A decision that has not really been fun to Vitaa. “So we can’t ensure our concert dates because it is too dangerous, But it maintains the municipal“, she posted on Twitter before adding, dépitée : “I can’t help but think of all those who have been working for months on our side and who find themselves without a job… we Are told to dramatize a situation which in reality becomes dramatic for all… #appalled.

“If we can’t go on stage, you can’t work”

Mr. Pokora has also expressed his disappointment in tears on stage : “It’s really hard to not be able to go on stage, go and see my public. You know how I work like a dog for two years to prepare for a show like this with my teams, to provide you with the most beautiful sight possible. This is not selfish, I know that there are people who are affected by this damn disease. And I think fort to them. Really, it’s not selfish, it’s just human to be disappointed, to be frustrated not to be able to do what I love most in the world. My job is my passion. If you can’t get on stage, you can’t work. We can’t do our job and do what you love.

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