Coronavirus: young adults in the majority in the new cases in the country

Coronavirus: les jeunes adultes majoritaires dans les nouveaux cas au pays

Montreal | Canadians under the age of 39 years is a clear majority of new cases of COVID-19 identified in Canada, warned Sunday the health authorities in calling on young adults to not feel “invincible” in the face of the disease.

“The recent data from national surveillance shows that, in all ages, young adults between the ages of 20 to 39 years accounted for the highest incidence rates in Canada “, said in a press release Dr. Theresa Tam, director-in-chief of the public health agency of Canada.

For the week that ended on 22 July, the incidence rate of the disease was highest among young men and women aged 20 to 29 years (respectively for 14.4 and 13.8 cases per 100 000 people), followed by 30-39-year-olds.

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“Young Canadians are not invincible” in the face of the disease, warned Dr. Tam highlighting that the elderly were not the only ones at risk of serious health problems in case of contamination.

She wants to prove that on the event of COVID-19 reported to the public health last week, ” 63% were young people under the age of 39 years, of which one-third (31%) had been hospitalized “.

There was an average of 485 new cases reported each day for the whole country in the past week.

While the d├ęconfinement continues in Canada, Dr. Tam has called on its citizens to exercise caution and compliance with the measures of distance and physical hygiene.

“As long as there will be no vaccine, live with the COVID-19 will not be without risk,” she added.

According to the latest figures available, Canada has so far recorded approximately 113 800 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus and 8900 deaths.

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