Correctional: divorced, a fifty-year-old convicted of causing a fire at his ex-wife's house in Gard

Correctional: divorced, a fifty-year-old convicted of causing a fire at his ex-wife's house in Gard

The defendant explained on the stand that he had “a black hole” on the evening of the fire. Free Midi – Free Midi

On February 3, a woman was awakened in the middle of the night in Générac by the fire in her fence. Until then unknown to the justice system, his former companion appeared for these facts before the Nîmes criminal court on Wednesday July 10.  

He denied the facts until the end of the hearing. Wednesday July 10 at the Nîmes criminal court, the tall, calm and self-effacing fifty-year-old who appeared in court, indicated on several occasions that he had, that evening, "a black hole& quot;.

Employee of a social landlord so far without history, Bernard – 0 mentions in the locker – must answer for "destruction of the property of others by means dangerous to people". The gendarmerie and then the courts specifically accused him of having set fire to the fence of his ex-wife's property on February 3, 2024 in Générac!

In panic, terrified

During the hearing, the defendant recounts "his" not very credible version of this particular evening. An evening during which, after drinking a lot, he claims to have gone to a friend's house in Roquemaure in the middle of the night. But without having first gone to Générac to set fire to the fence of his ex-wife's property. A lady who had then been woken up in the middle of the night, in panic, terrified by the burning of her hedge.

"I had been drinking and don't remember anything. But we get along well, so I don't see why I would have set fire there!", insists the accused  ;nbsp;questioned by the president.

10 years of imprisonment incurred

A notorious alcoholic, the fifty-year-old allegedly borrowed his daughter's car on the evening of the disaster. A vehicle which "smelled strongly of gasoline when it was returned" had assured his son-in-law. "Some time before the incident, my father asked us to keep our fruit juice bottles with large necks so that he could store some juice in them. ;rsquo;essence", for her part testified that Bernard 's own daughter was absent from the hearing.

"This gasoline was for degreasing metal parts, I do a bit of mechanics!", pleaded as best he could for the accused against whom the prosecutor, annoyed, had requested a little earlier a year's imprisonment with a probationary suspension.

At the end of the morning, Bernard, who was facing 10 years in prison, was sentenced to one year in prison. A sentence completely accompanied by a probationary suspension during which he will be on the one hand prohibited from entering into contact with his ex-wife and on the other hand. on the other hand, the obligation to treat your addiction.

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