“Côté Eve”: a colorful show worthy of the storyteller


She may not have the stature of Kate Middleton, but she has all the attributes of a Gaspé princess. 

Arriving on stage like a ton of bricks, Eve Côté presented the premiere of her first solo show, “Côté Eve”, on Wednesday evening at the Olympia in Montreal. 

An intimate and personal show, where stories of family and youth came to life in an evolving theatrical setting. The public was completely immersed in her universe and, of course, in her native Gaspésie, where the dialects, as well as the colorful and very colorful expressions grew in her. 

With her own verve, a mixture of Gaspé sayings and profanity, the storyteller, who sometimes speaks very quickly, showed great ease on stage, fully inhabiting it. She sings and tap dances, but above all tells stories as only she knows how. 

Effectively combining humor and theatre; which is reminiscent of the comedy shows of yesteryear, in the time of Olivier Guimond, the show of about an hour and a quarter was well designed. The comedian notably surrounded himself with Joël Legendre for the staging.

As the evening progressed, various tableaux – a stool with a telephone, a removable and evolving staircase, a chair on a rug with a wooden crate of beers – came to life on the boards as the show unfolded. . Each of its elements of course allowed the storyteller to bring her equally funny and improbable stories to life, which gave the audience little respite to catch their breath. 

In recent years, the comedian has chained projects on TV (“Le maître du jeu”, “Roast battle”), on the Web and on the radio. She is also part of “La gang du matin” with Marie-Josée Gauvin and Pierre-François Legendre, broadcast daily on Rouge FM. She also traveled the roads of Quebec for six years with Les Grandes Crues, a duo she formed with Marie-Lyne Joncas. 

Eve Côté will present her solo show in Quebec City on February 21 at the Salle Albert-Rousseau, then throughout the province until March 2024.