Couillard open to a single tax return

Quebec is ready to collect federal taxes through a single tax return.
Prime Minister Philippe Couillard welcomed on Monday the proposal of the Conservative Party (CCP) Andrew Scheer, who wants to establish a single tax report in Quebec if he forms the government, rather than the two that Quebec taxpayers must currently complete.

This commitment by the CCP is part of a seduction offensive aimed at Quebeckers and launched at the last general council in Saint-Hyacinthe last weekend.

In a press briefing on Monday afternoon, Mr. Couillard stated that Quebec was quite capable of collecting federal taxes.

“To simplify the lives of citizens, we would agree with that,” he said, on the sidelines of an activity at the Quebec City Chamber of Commerce. There is no reason why we would not be able to do it. ”

Quebec has its own revenue agency, like Ottawa.

Mr. Couillard has, however, imposed two conditions: that the whole be administered in Quebec and that Quebec retain its entire fiscal leeway.

“We do not want to end up in a situation where Quebec would be hooked to the federal choice and depend on federal choices to decide on its taxation,” he said.

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